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Square Breakaway Posts

A Complete System

Meeting the needs of a traffic signing program is a difficult and complex problem. From the smallest village and backroad to the largest city and interstate highway, traffic signs must be in place doing their jobs. This requires a versatile, economical product backed by a proven manufacturer.

Our square breakaway system offers all of these features:

  • Easy, safe installation by hand or power
  • Convenient sign mounting before installation
  • Torsional strength and corrosion resistance from high strength, square galvanized tubing
  • Versatile, four sided sign mounting, at any height
  • Fast, economical replacement of damaged sign posts using original anchor assembly
  • FHWA approved yielding capability
  • Available in a full range of sizes with complete telescoping ability, and can be used in breakaway or single post installations
Vulcan Signs - Square Breakaway Posts
Vulcan Signs - Square Breakaway Posts

Anchor Base

A 3' length of square tubing is driven into the soil to serve as an anchor base. Using either hand or power equipment 1" to 2" is left above the surface. One man working at ground level can safely and easily insert the sign post into the anchor base and bolt in place. Signs can be bolted onto the post before installation.

Yielding Breakaway

A yielding breakaway system is easily created by using an outer sleeve of the next larger size tube than the original 3' anchor base. This additional sleeve, approximately 18" long, provides a double wall thickness to accomplish the breakaway function. When installing in soil, it is advisable to drive the anchor base and outer sleeve together leaving the anchor assembly 1" to 2" above the surface. The sign post is then inserted and bolted into the anchor assembly. Upon impact, the post yields at the top of the anchor assembly, normally leaving it undamaged.

Single Post

The sign post may also be installed from a truck or step ladder simply by driving a single post into the ground, either by power equipment or sledge hammer.